Why participate in the Quarles Bulk Motor Fuels Contract?

Quarles will deliver a variety of high-quality motor fuel products and proactively manage demand spikes, so as to keep your organization running smoothly. In addition, contract participants will have access to:

  • Set, advantage pricing
  • Easy online ordering and account management, including ordering through eVA
  • Dedicated customer service and relationship managers
  • Priority during emergency events
  • Standardized reporting

In addition, Quarles offers reliability through the deployment of company-owned assets throughout the regions we serve on this contract. Quarles maintains the relationships with the suppliers and controls deliveries, making the customer experience pleasant and flexible.


Contract Services

In addition to providing contract customers with delivered fuels, Quarles offers a range of fuel products and services, including:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
    • Available packaged, bulk, or at the pump
  • Diesel Additive
    • Winter and Summer blends
    • Improves performance
  • Site maintenance
    • Tank gauging systems
    • Tank cleaning

For details and pricing, please call 855-242-5090 or contact us today.